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Dutchess and Yum Yum...

Yum Yum here, Dutchess of course is sleeping as she normally does so I will tell you a little about her.
Mommy and daddy called this lady who had an ad in the newspaper for a free Birman kitty. They went to see the lady after work and daddy fell in love with Miss Dutchess. That was what the lady had named her, and they kept that name cause it suits her just fine. When they bought Dutchess home we did not get along at first and we had to be put in separate rooms during the day while mommy and daddy were at work.  After about a week or two we finally were able to stay together in the same room and get along.  Now we are the best of sisters! =)


Here is a photo of my sister at what she does best. Sleeping!!!




Name:  Dutchess

Nicknames: Daddy's Girl

Kind of Cat:  Birman

Color:  Dark/Light Brown

Color of Eyes:  Blue

Bday:   April 28th, 1997

Hobbies:  Sleeping, Eating, Playing Outside,  Kneeding Daddy's Tummy, and Playing with Sister Yum Yum.