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Dutchess and Yum Yum...
Yum Yum's Journal

Here you can read about the different things I do to torment the humans.

January- I scared mommy and daddy once so far. They had let me out of the house during one Sunday afternoon, and when they tried to call me in that night I didn't come. I had mommy all upset crying her eyes out that night. Finally, Monday morning around 6:30 a.m. mommy heard a bell outside and it was me. I came running up to the front door and she and daddy came and let me in. They think someone kept me overnight and did not open the door to let me go home. I was very scared and a bit damp from running home in the rain that morning. Mommy and daddy were so happy to see me. They showered me with lots of hugs and love. I even got my favorite meal..can food!

February 2002-Well, I am not sure what is going on but mommy and daddy are being romantic and mommy is hanging some red things on the windows. She keeps telling me and Dutchess that we are getting a surprise as well as daddy next Thursday, but I don't know what it is.
Also, this man came by the house yesturday, he comes by once a month and gets something. Well, he always tries to stop me from going outside when he opens the door. Once he chased me down for an hour. I know he isn't family, because he never comes by when mommy and daddy are home. It worries me!! :(

February 2002-I can now almost reach the door knobs by standing on my hind paws and stretching. I am trying to open the door so I can go outside!!! :)Mommy and daddy are very proud of me and think it is very cute.

March 2002-Something is going on, but we're not quiet sure what it is. Mommy and daddy have been talking about a big change for us, and
stairs. What are stairs??? It sounds like we are moving, but I'm not sure.
Dutchess and I will keep yall updated when we know more.
Well, it is official.  Our mommy and daddy told us the other night they bought a house and we will be moving in April.  Mommy and daddy have bidded on four houses so far and for some reason we have not moved yet. I don't know why...We are kind of scared because this is my first home.  Dutchess says it will be allright because she has moved before.
I hope she is right.  
Well, it looks we aren't moving in April after all. The house that mommy and daddy wanted needed LOTS of work so they aren't going to buy it. I am kind of glad though because I was really scared about moving.

Well, it looks like mommy and daddy bought a house the end of June.  It so much bigger than our other house.  We were a bit scared the first night because it was strange to us.. we slept with mommy and daddy for the first time too! :)  The next night however we couldn't find mommy and daddy..they had to go home to Georgia where mommy is from.  Mommy kept talking about being in a wedding or something like that.  They came home the next day and we stayed around them all the time.  We were so scared. 
We couldn't go outside for about two weeks and it was like being in jail!! We love going outside.  :( 
Now we love our new home because there are plenty of places to hide and its big enough to play chase with my sister Dutchess. We get to sleep with mommy and daddy now too.  Best of all we get to go outside and play in these huge trees!!! :)

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