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Dutchess and Yum Yum...
Dutchess' Journal

Yum Yum here-This will be my sister's journal and of course it will be written by me. She is always sleeping and doesn't have time to do this. *SMILES*

January-Dutchess doesn't get into much trouble because she is always sleeping. She loves to go outside and play. Daddy gave her some catnip the other night and she loved it. I thought she had gone mad!
Also, daddy had his silk pj's on that mommy had given him for Christmas and my sister climbs on him but suddenly jumps off because she doesn't like the feel of them. We all got a good laugh from it.

February 2002-One time Dutchess was sitting on top of the cat tree, and mommy had the blinds open. In front of the window, there is a tree with a bird feeder hanging down. Dutchess sees a bird feeding in it and starts to make these wierd noises. She even pushes the blinds back so she can stretch her neck to the window to see better. Mommy and daddy think it is so funny. They have never heard this noise before.

More To Come!

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